I Have Brass Fixtures in my Home, Should I Update Them?


So your house was built in the 1970’s or early 80’s and it’s currently for sale or you’re thinking of listing it, but what to do with those outdated brass, gold looking or bronze fixtures. Well stop fretting because it may just be the days of everyone wanting stainless steel and other silvery metals are waining.

There’s a resurgence of the warm classic look and the frigid finishes are looking passe.

The Wall Street Journal recently did a lengthy feature called “Going for the Brass”. This look last in vogue in the 70’s, has been moving in from the margins, showing up on pendant lights,  chandeliers, plumbing fixtures and trim on desk accessories, chairs lamps and more.

To quote the WSJ, “..the warm metal look is also popping up in electronics, where silvery shades generally go unchallenged. Look at the demand for Apple”s gold IPhone 5’s, whose plating could pass for brushed brass.”

So yes in time the new stainless may just be  brass.