The “Golden Olympics”

If you’re like us you’ve been glued to the TV watching at least a few Olympic events and marveled at the talent of our many athletes. The intense competition probably comes down to preperation, genetics and luck. Preperation through the athletes’ years of training along with physical and mental conditioning. Genetics most likely through the natural gifts from their parents. This is especially evident in these Olympic sports. Imagine Lebron James attempting the pummel horse or Gabby Douglas at under 5′ trying to cover any of the basketball players. It’s only hundredths of a second between gold and silver medals.

The future of these young athletes will not be good or bad because of what happens at the Olympics, except for a few, like Michael Phelps. Their future will be good or bad based on the choices they make over time. The same holds true for decisions when investing in property, buying and selling a primary residence or deciding a short sale is necessary. Good sound decision making will help you achieve your goals.

Lorrie and I celebrate these young people and their futures. So let’s all cheer for the RED WHITE and BLUE! GO U.S.A.